kunzite's krazy days


owners of syndicated accounts on LiveJournal

there could be a way for kunzite to log in at Blogger, then log in at LiveJournal using the blog url from Blogger (http://kunzite1.blogspot.com/).

the RSS feed of kunzite could have a piece of code in there that points to an OpenID server on Blogger that would then authenticate kunzite as being the "owner" of the RSS feed and in turn the "owner" of blgr_kunzite1 (because the RSS feed of kunzite is the same as the RSS feed that blgr_kunzite1 gets its information from). then LiveJournal could allow me (kunzite) to edit the settings of the syndicated account.

it's complicated, but it just might work.

  • Blogger needs OpenID Server
  • RSS feed needs OpenID Server URL
    • <openid:server>http://www.blogger.com/openid/server.g</openid:server>
  • LiveJournal's OpenID Client would need to be able to read in the XML-style OpenID Server URL
once all that is in place...



test post

this is a test journal so i can play with blogger/blogspot.

im kunzite1 on livejournal.